About me

Welcome to my blog! For a long time, I have wanted to go on a long bike ride through at least one continent. Depart on your bike and need nothing but your bike, legs, and your gear. Out into the wide world, following your nose, and meeting unique people.

So on 20 May 2023, I’m going for a little spin toward Nepal by bike. The route will first go via the Danube to Istanbul. After that, it’s up in the air which direction I’ll go. Given the situation in Iran, and the closed borders of Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan, fortunately, there are more options.

To motivate myself extra for this trip, I have thought about what I want to do. And for that, Non-profits are always an excellent option. And things that are close to me then seem like an obvious choice.


In 2022 I went to Nepal and helped with the construction of building a medical facility in Dudhauli Nepal.  Which gave me the opportunity to meet masons from the region of Bardia Nepal. All friendly hardworking people who live in very different circumstances. In that context, I searched for a non-profit cause to cycle to where help is most welcome. And I came across Bright Futures of Bardia. 

Besides being a great cause, it is also a beautiful place to cycle to. A beautiful park with the Himalayan horizon a few 100 kilometers away. That will be the first goal. After that, there is a very big chance my trip will continue further east. 

I am currently a 29-year-old in Lutjebroek, the Netherlands. Living in the Netherlands cycling comes naturally. ive learned to bicycle as soon i was 4 years old. And it has always been my main form of transport, especially on the weekends.

From when I was young I’ve always ridden my bike to school and work to this day. When I worked my office job from 9 to 5 I cycled 20 km to work every day as a physical workout and a good way to clear my thoughts and mind after a day of work.